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  • "I was 17 at the time I inherited my Grandma's house and Sell for Cash helped me set up a college fund I was able to access immediately. I made over $40,000 and all of the legal fees and court hearings were handled by their team. I recommend SellforCash.org

    Sarah Clarks, Murfreesboro

  • "When my Father passed the bank didn't want to give me any time to sell my property! I lived in Raleigh, NC and the house was in Brentwood, but the team helped me sell for cash, even from up here!"

  • "I was a day away from the foreclosure auction and Matthew's team stopped the auction and got me $53,000 the very next day. I was able to comfortably move out in 30 days AFTER I got my cash!"

    Tim Strifler

  • "During Covid-19, I had to relocate to Detroit because of my job and they payed me cash within a week of contacting them! "

    PT Barnam LLC

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